National Coalition of Healthcare Providers Helps Small Practices Protect Their Business Interests as Reform Takes Shape

Membership is Limited to Associations and Organizations Representing Small Healthcare Practices Such as Doctors, Pharmacists, and Clinical Labs

WASHINGTON, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) not only brings dramatic changes to the nation's healthcare system over the next decade but also requires healthcare professionals to comply with a maze of new regulations. Recognizing small healthcare providers will be uniquely impacted as businesses by provisions in the new law, the National Coalition of Healthcare Providers (NCHP) was formed to promote and protect the business interests of small healthcare practices so they can continue to care for and provide services to patients.

Founded and co-directed by Washington lobbyists James Link and Tom Dawson of the American Capitol Group, NCHP is an advocacy organization that seeks to promote the fair treatment of small business owners in the healthcare community during the implementation phase of healthcare reform and beyond. NCHP's top policy priorities this year include health information technology, Accountable Care Organizations and anti-trust exemption for small healthcare providers.

"For too long, there has been a vacuum in the association world to help the small healthcare provider community focus on how regulations and legislation affect the business side of their practices. Often times small providers are so busy caring for patients they forget they are also small business owners," remarked Tom Dawson.

Membership to NCHP is limited to associations and organizations representing doctors, pharmacists, dentists, clinical and other healthcare professionals, whose members can be identified as small business owners. The strength and power of NCHP will be members of Congress and regulatory agencies will hear the same message on the same issue from different types of providers.  

"The reason why the American Osteopathic Association joined NCHP was because it was not trying to duplicate the work we do for our members but rather bring together associations representing professionals across the healthcare spectrum and direct us to speak with one, powerful voice on how state and federal regulations affect the business side of our practices," added Shawn Martin with the American Osteopathic Association.

The American Dental Association, Association of Community Pharmacists Congressional Network (ACP) and American Osteopathic Association are founding members of NCHP. Dozens of trade associations have expressed the great need for an organization like NCHP, solely dedicated to protecting and promoting the business interests of small healthcare providers.

Unlike a singularly focused coalition or association, NCHP will lobby for its members on multiple priority issues.  In this climate of healthcare reform, NCHP will ensure its members' unique perspective and concerns as small businesses and providers is heard in Washington.

SOURCE National Coalition of Healthcare Providers