MVP Health Care Introduces Well-Being Connect for Medicare Advantage Members

MVP Health Care Introduces Well-Being Connect for Medicare Advantage Members

MVP Health Care

MVP Health Care’s Medicare Advantage members now have another way to keep healthy and active. Partnering with Healthways (NASDAQ: HWAY), a Franklin, TN-based population health management company, MVP is introducing the new Well-Being Program, offering a comprehensive set of activities and resources to help Medicare members maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The signature piece of the new program is Well-Being Connect, an online portal that allows members to create a tailored approach to accessing and improving their overall health. Along with the new online portal, the program includes popular existing MVP programs, such as wellness classes, the SilverSneakers Fitness Program and outreach designed to help improve the lives of members living with chronic diseases.

The Well-Being Program is currently available to the approximately 85,000 Medicare Advantage members in MVP’s service footprint.

“This is an informative and fun new way for our Medicare Advantage members to be proactive about maintaining and improving their health,” said Patrick Glavey, Executive Vice President of Government Programs for MVP. “Our wellness and fitness programs are already so well utilized that we think our members will really embrace these new options for engaging with their health.”

“The utilization of online technology as a component of an overall well-being improvement strategy represents a significant breakthrough, and we applaud MVP for incorporating this strategy to drive engagement of their Medicare Advantage members,” said Ben R. Leedle, Jr., President and CEO of Healthways. “Both MVP and Healthways are convinced the real value for members is using Well-Being Connect as the gateway to delivering comprehensive and effectively integrated services.”

Well-Being Connect can be accessed by Medicare Advantage members once they log into their MVP account at . To begin using the new portal, members must first complete the Well-Being Assessment, a confidential questionnaire that evaluates their lifestyle and overall health. Once the assessment is completed, they are provided a full health report and customized action plan, which they are encouraged to share with their doctors.

Completing the assessment provides access to a number of online resources including weight, fitness and medication use trackers; videos and articles; recipes and meal ideas; and tools to help them quit using tobacco.

Additionally, members whose answers on the Well-Being Assessment show that they might benefit from health coaching (for tobacco use, nutrition, physical activity, etc.) will be contacted by Healthways to participate in a coaching program by phone.

For more information about Healthways, visit or .

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