More young adults receiving mental health treatment

More young adults have been receiving treatment for mental health conditions since the ACA allowed them to remain on their parents' plans until they turn 26 years old. According to a study published in the September issue of Health Affairs, uninsured visits to mental health providers decreased by 12.4 percent, while the number of visits paid by private insurers rose by 12.9 percent. "This is a first glimpse--an early look at what's happening," Brendan Saloner, an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who led the study, told NPR's Shots. To help more young adults receive the needed mental healthcare, insurers can include an adequate number of mental health providers in their networks, Saloner said. "And the other thing is making sure people who have transitory health insurance --like young adults who are using their parents' plans--can maintain continuity with their providers over time," she added. "That way people get access to a mental health provider, they can stay with the treatment." Article