Millions of uninsured young invincibles eligible for Medicaid; GAO wants updated consumer privacy framework;

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> Consumers' Choice Health Plan, a nonprofit created as part of the Affordable Care Act, sold about 370 policies in the first month of the health insurance exchanges--that's about 65 percent of the total sold in South Carolina, The State reported. Article

> WellPoint CEO Joseph Swedish said the insurer has pulled back from marketing its exchange plans and enrollment is still "anemic," according to the Wall Street Journal. Blog Post

> Nearly 5.4 million uninsured "young invincibles" ages 19-34 are eligible for Medicaid or will become eligible for Medicaid in January, according to a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Report

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> The Government Accountability Office, in a new report, has called on Congress to consider strengthening the consumer privacy framework to take changes in technology into account, as well as the market for consumer information. Article

> It's always to refreshing to see big data not being thrown around as a buzzword, but truly being used to save lives and improve bottom lines. That's the case at the University of North Carolina Health Care, where one doctor is touting data and analytics as "increasingly at the heart of" how his hospitals run. Article

And Finally... Exchange enrollment is for the dogs. Article