Michigan optimistic Medicaid waiver request will win HHS approval

Michigan submitted a waiver request to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) this week in hopes to continue providing coverage through the state's Medicaid program, called the Healthy Michigan Plan, reports The Detroit News. In its request, Michigan wants to require Medicaid beneficiaries after 48 months to either purchase plans on the state's exchange or Healthcare.gov. The plan also would increase the cost-sharing rate to 7 percent for individuals who stay with the Healthy Michigan Plan; HHS has capped cost-sharing at 5 percent in other states. This spring, state officials worried HHS would not grant the waiver--but now that the forms are in, state officials are optimistic. However, if HHS rejects Michigan's waiver, the decision will affect the nearly 600,000 state residents who recieve coverage through the program. Article

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