Meet the FierceHealthPayer Editorial Advisory Board

Over the past few months, FierceHealthPayer has been seeking out healthcare industry leaders at conferences and meetings and  through exclusive interviews and stories to serve on its Editorial Advisory Board. FierceHealthPayer is proud to announce a full board of advisers ready to share their expertise, lessons learned and words of advice with our editors and readers.

The 11-member advisory board will help guide our coverage of the health insurance industry and ensure we are focusing on the topics that matter most to health insurance CEOs and other leaders--from new payment models to fraud prevention to health insurance exchanges and more.

The newest members include Daryl Wansink, director health economics at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, who brings experience in designing and implementing provider quality and efficiency programs; and Prime Therapeutics' Ingrid C. Lindberg, who isn't afraid to tell insurers to focus on doing a good job at their core business instead of pleasing the consumer.

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