Mass. residents can now see how much their procedures costs; Highmark won't participate in Pennsylvania's Medicaid expansion plan;

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> In Massachusetts, consumers can now view the prices of procedures and doctor visits online, reports CommonHealth. This marks the first time healthcare prices are made public. Article

> A new Gallup poll reveals more Americans--54 percent--still say the healthcare reform law has hurt them rather than helped them. Poll

> Highmark says it will not participate in Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's (R) Medicaid expansion plan, called Healthy PA, because it can't sign enough doctors to its network, reports TribLive.  Article 

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> Efforts to curb growing rates of prescription painkiller abuse--along with healthcare fraud and wasteful spending riding on their coattails--have made it harder for patients with chronic pain to get the medicines they need. Article

> Jacqueline Nash Bloink, the whistleblower who collected nearly $6 million for reporting overbilling by Arizona's Carondelet Health Network, isn't nestling into a lazy lifestyle financed by her share of the recovery. Instead, she's on a mission to help others fight fraud, the Arizona Star reported. Article

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