Majority of Americans believe government should ensure healthcare coverage; Clinton targets health insurers in new campaign ad;

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> American adults are slightly more likely to say it is the responsibility of the federal government to ensure all Americans have health insurance coverage than to say it is not the government's responsibility, according to a new Gallup survey. Survey results

> Hospital closures are adversely affecting Georgia's economy, leaving some to see Medicaid expansion as a potential solution, according to AJC.comArticle

> In a new ad criticizing rising prescription drug prices, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton paints health insurance companies into the bad guys, according to STAT NewsArticle

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> Federal data that was originally meant to help consumers choose hospitals is actually confusing them more than assisting them. Article

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> The American Hospital Association and its members continue to prod Congress to ensure that the changes to how the 340B drug discount program operates do not go too far. The changes that were recommended by the HSRA--which oversees the 340B plan--may jeopardize care for the indigent. Article

And finally… Same rent, different city. Article