Magellan Launches Total Drug SolutionsSM Offering Complete Drug Management

New product provides improved outcomes and comprehensive solutions for managing all drugs across medical and pharmacy benefits

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Magellan Pharmacy Solutions, a subsidiary of Magellan Health Services Inc. (NASDAQ: MGLN), announced today the launch of , a revolutionary integrated approach to managing all drugs – oral, injectable and infusible – to improve the quality and safety of care while lowering costs for consumers and health plans.

“Historically, patients have received standard medications and specialty drugs in a disconnected and uncoordinated fashion. This lack of integration presents safety risks, decreases therapeutic effectiveness and unnecessarily increases costs,” said Tina Blasi, president of Magellan Pharmacy Solutions.

“Payers have managed traditional pharmaceutical costs to a flat trend. However, specialty drug spending has increased dramaticallyWith recent advances in pharmaceutical technology, patients and payers need better support to coordinate treatment, manage costs and ensure patients achieve the best outcomes.

“ combines our strengths in both specialty and medical drug management with our experience in traditional pharmacy benefit solutions to provide a patient-centric, 360-degree approach to drug management. Our philosophy is to help patients receive the right drug in the right amount at the right place.”

Magellan has launched a new website, , where health plans, employers and government agencies can learn more about the suite of services. Evidence-based drug utilization tools ensure that coverage decisions are consistently applied across both medical and pharmacy benefits, reducing the variability of care. Magellan has enhanced its proprietary web-based utilization management system to empower providers with evidence-based information and decision support for all drugs.

“Our customers recognize that the true value comes in incorporating our specialty and medical pharmacy experience into these integrated, comprehensive services,” said Blasi.

“We combine this ‘total drug’ approach with a deep understanding of the most dynamic, and most difficult to manage, components of drug benefit management, such as utilization management in the physician practice and site-of-service management. This unrivaled breadth of experience and expertise will allow us to customize solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

Headquartered in Avon, Conn., Magellan Health Services Inc. is a leading specialty health care management organization with expertise in managing behavioral health, radiology and specialty pharmaceuticals, as well as public sector pharmacy benefits programs. Magellan delivers innovative solutions to improve quality outcomes and optimize the cost of care for those we serve. As of June 30, 2012, Magellan’s customers include health plans, employers and government agencies, serving approximately 33.7 million members in our behavioral health business, 17.1 million members in our radiology benefits management segment, and 7 million members in our medical pharmacy management product. In addition, the specialty pharmaceutical segment served 40 health plans and several pharmaceutical manufacturers and state Medicaid programs. The company’s Medicaid Administration segment served 24 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit .