Libertana's Disruptive Home Health Business Model Helps Families Nationwide

Exclusive Beverly Hills franchise rapidly grows through revolutionary business model

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Libertana is an innovative home healthcare franchise that offers a variety of products and services for seniors and people with disabilities, including medical and non-medical home health services, hospice services, and home safety and mobility products. 


By providing a wide variety of exceptional home healthcare products and services, Libertana has been able to become a trusted, turnkey solution for families.

Libertana is also the only home health franchise providing both services and products.  Additionally, Libertana assists healthcare organizations with medical staffing.

Disruptive Business Model Explained

As a franchise, each Libertana location is locally owned and operated by a Libertana franchisee, called a Libertana Health Professional, who is dedicated to assisting families while becoming a community leader.

Libertana franchisees benefit from 5 sources of revenue, including:

1) Non-medical home care services generally paid for by families, and occasionally paid for by Medicaid, insurance plans and state programs.

2) Medical home health services generally paid for by Medicare, and often paid for by Medicaid, insurance plans and state programs.

3) Hospice services generally paid for by Medicare, and often paid for by Medicaid, insurance plans and state programs.

4) Home safety and mobility products generally paid for by families through Libertana's financing options, and occasionally paid for by Medicaid, insurance plans and state programs.  Medicare does not cover the types of home safety and mobility products that Libertana offers.

5) Medical staffing services for healthcare organizations paid for by healthcare organizations.  

Providing medical staffing services for healthcare organizations allows Libertana to build strong relationships with healthcare providers, who often refer their patients to Libertana for home health services and products. 

These healthcare organizations are an important part of Libertana's referral network.

Stability in a Rapidly Changing Industry

Home health is an enormous, profitable industry, but the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), rising costs, and an aging population mean the industry will continue to rapidly change.

However, by receiving money from so many different payment sources, Libertana's business model has inherent diversity and stability.

Ready for the Future

Adam Caldwell is the CEO of Libertana, and previously co-founded Menchie's, a yogurt franchise expected to bring in around $200M in revenue for 2013.

"The only constant in healthcare is change.  That's why Libertana's diverse, stable model is so important.  By providing a wide variety of services and products and receiving money from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance plans, state programs, healthcare organizations, and families, we are never too dependent on any one service or product or any one payment source," said Caldwell.

"This means that if one payment source dries up – for example, if healthcare organizations use less medical staffing services and move hiring in-house, we still have many other important payment sources, and having so many payment sources means we are always ready for change," continued Caldwell.

"Home health is still a huge, growing industry, and our business model has major stability, which will allow us to continue providing the best care in the world for decades to come," said Caldwell.

The Non-Medical Care Shift

Interestingly, for non-medical care, Libertana originally provided caregiver placement services, where families hired the non-medical caregiver directly and the caregiver became an employee of the family, rather than an employee of Libertana.

Currently, Libertana follows the private duty model, where it hires non-medical caregivers as Libertana employees and very closely manages the care those caregivers provide to clients.

Pivoting to Benefit Clients

Libertana shifted from caregiver placement to the private duty model because it allowed Libertana to much more carefully monitor the quality of care provided by its non-medical caregivers, ensuring they live up to Libertana's very demanding standards.

The private duty model also allows Libertana to provide a replacement caregiver when the regular caregiver is sick or absent, and also prevents families from facing steep fines and penalties for unknowingly violating healthcare and employment laws they likely do not understand.

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