Lawsuit: Wellmark conspired to monopolize market

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Iowa is facing a lawsuit from insurance wholesaler Mutual Med Insurance Services, claiming it violated its contract after Mutual Med agreed to sell policies with Wellmark's new competitor, reported the Des Moines Register. Mutual Med said in the lawsuit Wellmark "has conspired to restrain or monopolize trade or commerce in the healthcare insurance market." Despite a profitable 20-year relationship with Mutual Med, Wellmark told the wholesale insurer it was canceling the contract after Mutual Med agreed to work with CoOportunity Health, a new consumer oriented and operated plan. "Wellmark has vowed to put CoOportunity out of business and is attempting to put the Mutual Med entities out of business," Mutual Med claimed. The lawsuit also called Wellmark's decision to cancel the contract "vexatious, willful and malicious." Article