The imperative of safety in mHealth and why it can't be ignored

Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it's not, writes FierceMobileHealthcare editor Judy Mottl. The wireless network crashes, the PC blows up, the tablet gets a virus, smartphones go missing. And in each of those scenarios, data and access to data is potentially compromised. It's no different with mHealth devices. Smartwatches, health fitness bands, wearable monitors woven into clothing, smartphones that feature blood testing capabilities--they all collect, share and house data. We believe it will be there when we need it, we believe it will be accurate and we believe it should be infallible, given all the technological advances. The truth, however, is that technology is not infallible and given the confidential and critical data mHealth tools are collecting and storing, no one should be under any belief that it's truly safe and always accessible, she writes.

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