Humana sued for 'deceptive' ACA scheme

A new lawsuit claims Humana used the Affordable Care Act as the basis for a "deceptive scheme" to raise premiums and then prevent members from canceling their plans, reported the Kansas City Business Journal. The lawsuit, which was filed in Kansas and seeks class action status, alleges that Humana increased premiums to coincide with the reform law's individual mandate, which took effect Jan. 1. The member suing Humana says his premiums jumped from $229.30 to $395.97. After finding new coverage from a different insurer, he tried to cancel the Humana plan in November, but claims the insurer never responded to his phone calls, written letter and faxes. "They unilaterally raised premiums but then don't give you an option to cancel your plan if you don't want to go with the unilateral raise of premiums," said attorney Eric Dirks of Williams Dirks LLP in Kansas City, who filed the lawsuit. Humana has since repaid the consumer's premiums. Article

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