Humana CEO Bruce Broussard: Use data to classify, engage 15 types of members


Humana CEO Bruce Broussard is borrowing a strategy from the retail industry, using data analytics to classify members by descriptors such as "health nut," "control-seeker," "stubborn" and "follower" in an effort to engage them.

Bruce Broussard

Categorizing patients helps the Louisville, Kentucky-based insurer provide more personalized products, Broussard said at the Mayo Transform conference in Rochester, Minnesota, according to MedCityNews

There are 15 consumer categories, although Broussard didn't list all of them, MedCityNews reports. Members don't know which category they're in.

Broussard says his father, Willie, didn't see a primary care provider for a decade before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer at 77. He's still working and walks his dog every morning: Willie Broussard would probably fall into the "stubborn" category, said the CEO.

The goal of the data analytics push is to increase the firm’s knowledge of its members--ultimately allowing it to tailor products for members that treat them “in the way they want to be treated,” Broussard said at the event.