How Marco Rubio quietly hampered a key provision of the ACA

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio's effort to hamper the Affordable Care Act's risk corridor program may be the best example of low-key, effective sabotage against the healthcare law, according to the New York Times. Rubio worked a provision into last year's spending law that made the risk corridor program budget neutral, a rule the effectively caused the program to be able to pay out only about 12.6 percent of what it owed to insurers for 2014. That shortfall, in turn, has already pushed some small insurers--including ACA-created consumer operated and oriented plans--to close.

Rubio, who has branded the risk corridor program "a taxpayer-funded bailout for insurance companies," is now demanding a provision in the current spending bill under negotiation that either continues the current restrictions on the program or does away with it altogether, according to the Times. Article