House Republicans draft ACA alternative; Obama confident healthcare reform will function;

News From Around the Web:

> House Republican leaders drafted a new version of healthcare reform as part of their attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, reported The Washington Post. The plan includes expanding high-risk insurance pools, increasing the use of health savings accounts and encouraging small businesses to buy coverage as a group. Article

> Massachusetts plans to part ways with its exchange website contractor, CGI Group, which also served as the lead contractor for the troubled federal, the Associated Press reported. Article

> President Barack Obama said he's "confident" the Affordable Care Act will function now that so many people have enrolled in new health plans, reported The Hill's Healthwatch. Article

Health Provider News:

> Hospital CEO turnover reached an all time high of 20 percent in 2013, most likely because more executives are retiring due to increased industry consolidations. Article

> The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights convened last week to determine if hospitals across the country are violating the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act by "dumping" mentally ill and other patients. Article

Health IT News:

> Revenue in the telehealth services industry is expected to grow by an annualized 30.7 percent to $320.2 million in the next five years. Article

> A new simulation game aims to teach doctors and nurses how to work more collaboratively and avoid conflicts to prevent dangerous or sometimes fatal miscommunications. Article

And Finally... It's doggie to the rescue. Article