HealthSpring Unveils 2013 Medicare Advantage Plans with More Choices

HealthSpring Unveils 2013 Medicare Advantage Plans with More Choices

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, a company (NYSE: CI), today announced its 2013 Medicare offerings, which include a range of health and prescription drug plans, as well as special needs plans. All plans offer extra benefits not covered under Original Medicare and are designed to help beneficiaries better manage their health and limit out-of-pocket medical expenses.

“We know that health care is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why our 2013 plans offer comprehensive products that deliver more choices to support healthy aging and meet our customers’ individual health care needs,” HealthSpring President Herb Fritch said.

Key Highlights for HealthSpring and , a HealthSpring company, include:

“HealthSpring’s proven physician engagement approach to health care involves working closely with doctors to monitor and analyze patient data. This enables the team to stay ahead of illness and proactively meet each person’s health care needs,” said Fritch. “Our collaborative system revolutionizes the health care experience to achieve the triple aim of better health results, improved affordability and enhanced customer satisfaction.”

HealthSpring provides additional staff and patient resources that allow customers convenient access to an entire care team, including doctors, nurses, case managers, social workers and pharmacists.

The team approach is also reinforced through HealthSpring’s Partnership for Quality (P4Q), a doctor-designed program that ensures patients have access to high quality doctors and health care professionals working together to deliver preventive and personalized health care that keeps patients healthy and active. P4Q provides valuable resources like extra in-office nurses, pharmacists and disease registry technology that helps yield improved compliance with key quality metrics and evidence-based medicine. P4Q is helping to close gaps in care such as missed health screenings or prescription refills. Additionally, P4Q is reducing unnecessary use of emergency care, increasing the number of preventive health visits and improving follow-up care for people transitioning from the hospital to home.

Medicare Advantage is a critical source of healthcare for millions of Medicare beneficiaries. HealthSpring’s care coordination bridges the gap faced by many Medicare beneficiaries so customers receive all the traditional benefits of Original Medicare and much more at an affordable price.

Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in HealthSpring 2013 plans during the annual election period, which begins October 15, 2012 and ends December 7, 2012.

HealthSpring offers several resources to make comparing plan benefits easy, so that beneficiaries find the plan that is right for them. Plan details, full service areas and a schedule of complimentary education seminars are available at .

HealthSpring, a Cigna company, is one of the country’s leading health plans focused on delivering care to the senior population, predominately through Medicare Advantage and other Medicare and Medicaid products. Along with its companies Bravo Health and Leon Medical Centers Health Plans, HealthSpring serves more than one million customers in locations across the country. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HealthSpring operates health plans in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. HealthSpring also offers a national stand-alone prescription drug plan. For more information, visit .