Healthcare experts urge wider access to Sovaldi; Planned Parenthood wants to block Louisiana from cutting its Medicaid funding;

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> Healthcare experts from the Public Health Services and President Barack Obama's Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS say that Medicaid officials at both the state and federal levels need to widen the access to the pricey hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, which can cost up to $1,000 per pill, reports the New York Times. Article

> Planned Parenthood, along with three patient co-plaintiffs, asked a federal court Tuesday to block Louisiana from cutting funding to the organization, reports the Wall Street Journal. The injunction comes on the heels of Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal's recent attempts to stop Medicaid funds from going to the organization. Article

> The Congressional Budget Office estimates that federal revenues will increase by 8 percent in 2015, to $3.3 trillion. Out of all the major revenue-driving sources, the largest increase from fees and fines mostly results from provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Report (.pdf)

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> Rising Medicaid costs and concerns surrounding potential Medicaid fraud among healthcare providers has led Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to call on state regulators to audit 129 hospitals within the state. Article

> Prosecutors, investigators and fraud enforcement officials specialized in uncovering the art of fakery this week, targeting schemes that included deceased patients, a nurse imposter, forged prescriptions and falsified time sheets. Article

And finally… Desperate times call for desperate measures. Article


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