Health exchanges a mixed bag for states

Some states are reporting a boost in enrollments in the last few days before the Dec. 23 deadline for consumers to sign up for a plan sold on the health insurance exchanges. But other states still are struggling with technical glitches that hamper enrollments efforts.

Five states running their own exchanges--California, Connecticut, Kentucky, New York and Washington--have enrolled more than 436,000 people, which is more enrollees than the federal exchange has signed up, reported NBC News.

Many of those states have seen a rise in enrollments by 30 percent to 40 percent from last week to this week. California enrolled 15,000 consumers each day last week, compared to the 7,000-a-day rate in early December. Meanwhile, New York is enrolling 4,500 people a day, an increase of about 34 percent from last week, USA Today reported.

Connecticut has signed up 47,000 people in exchange plans, with about 1,400 enrollments a day. And Kentucky's enrollments have risen 40 percent since the end of November, having signed up 92,000 consumers.

However, some states, like Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota and Oregon, still face major technical hurdles that have slowed their enrollment process. For example, only 44 people had enrolled for an exchange plan in Oregon as of Dec. 1, and only 960 consumers signed up in Hawaii as of Dec. 14, reported the Wall Street Journal.

All four of those states have replaced their exchange leaders in only the two months since open enrollment began.

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