Health coaching program saves $22 per member monthly

A health coaching program has saved Medica $19 to $22 a month per member, and more than 29,000 Medica members have used a health coach since 2008, the Star Tribune reports. Participating members reported a 90 percent satisfaction rate, an average loss of 11.6 pounds, and better physical and emotional health. To identify members who might benefit from its coaching program, Medica combs through its patient database to find, for example, patients with multiple chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, or have frequent hospital visits. The insurer then sends personalized letters inviting the patients to participate.

"We really need to personalize this, because it is a very personal program," said Kevin Ronneberg, who helps oversee the program. The free coaching sessions lasts about an hour over the phone and occur every two to four weeks over several months. Article