Health Affairs editor: No obvious solution to limited competition in ACA marketplaces

Even if Congress wanted to take steps to boost competition in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, there's no clear-cut way to solve to the issue, Alan Weil, editor-in-chief of the journal Health Affairs, says in a recent interview on the WTOP program "To Your Health." It's challenging to increase competition in rural areas, as there's often not many providers and patients over which insurers can compete, he says. However, he added, it's not surprising that UnitedHealth has decided to exit many exchanges, as it was a late entrant to a very price-sensitive, price-competitive market. "What we're seeing is a maturing of the market," Weil says. "Remember, the Affordable Care Act marketplaces are quite young--we've only had a few years of plans competing in those marketplaces." Interview

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