GOP-controlled Senate may be bad news for reform law; HHS to monitor illegal immigrant activity;

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> If the Republicans take control of the Senate this coming November, it may mean big changes to President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, reports the National Journal. Article

> As immigrants from Central America pour over the Mexican border, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now is in charge of monitoring this activity, according to The Hill. Children caught crossing the border are taken into HHS custody within 72 hours. Article

> The largest insurer in South Dakota, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, announced it will not sell plans through the federal marketplace once open enrollment begins in November, reports Insurance Journal. Article

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> For all the ways that technology can help support patients in the home, it also holds the potential for exclusion and powerlessness, according to an article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Article

> The physical presence of data support experts co-located with hospital analytics employees has proven to be a boon for productivity and patient outcomes at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, according to Yiscah Bracha, assistant vice president of quality improvement healthcare analytics. Article

And Finally... Don't feed the lions. Article