The good news in the UnitedHealth exchange departures; House Dems voice support for Part B demo

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> UnitedHealth's exit from most Affordable Care Act exchanges, rather than a sign of the marketplace's demise, actually reflects positive features of the healthcare reform law, such as increased competition among insurance companies, according to an editorial from The Washington Post. Editorial

> Twenty House Democrats have voiced their support for the Obama administration's controversial Part B payment demonstration, The Hill reports, going against Democratic members of the Senate Finance Committee who have signed letters criticizing the proposal. Article

> A new study from the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute Health Policy Center examines the implications of Bernie Sanders' economic plan, finding that federal spending on acute care would rise by $29 trillion and saying "its cost would significantly exceed the revenues raised by his tax plan." Study

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> Hospitals optimally want to have some control over their payer mix, but the matter is often out of their hands. The location of the hospital plays a big part in its payer mix, as well as other circumstances that drive patients into its beds, according to Healthcare Finance News. Article

> Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have raised their prices so much on drugs that have inched toward their patent expiration that there is less incentive for generic or biosimilar manufacturers to offer a drastically reduced price, according to The Wall Street Journal. Article

And Finally… Not getting that security deposit back. Article