Future military enrollees may pay more for health insurance; Colorado may vote on quasi-run government health insurance group

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> Under the version of the National Defense Authorization Act that passed the House Armed Services Committee with strong bipartisan support, future military enrollees may pay more for health insurance, according to The Post Star. Article

> In Colorado, a ballot question will ask voters whether they want to create a quasi-run government health insurance group, according to KDVR.com. Article

> In California, legislators face a controversial health insurance bill that would ask the federal government permission to allow the state to sell coverage over its official exchange, Covered California, to undocumented immigrants. Article

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 > The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) believes that, when it comes to medical device interoperability, not enough is being done to ensure such tools can connect with their electronic health record systems. Article

> Now more than ever, patients with health concerns attempt to navigate online communities or search engines to find answers to their questions. Knowing who or what to trust, however, is not always easy. Article

And Finally… What happened after that famous Hamilton-Burr duel? Article