The end of group insurance?; Hospitals appeal half of RAC claim denials;

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> Republicans are more likely to say the healthcare reform law hurt their families than Democrats, according to The Kaiser Family Foundation's monthly tracking poll released Friday. Poll

> Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) has asked for legal action against Oracle for its central role in the state's botched health insurance exchange, The Oregonian reported. Article

> The transition of most small and large group health benefits to exchanges could signal the end of group insurance, according to Healthcare Payer News. Article

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> Despite the increasing backlog and cost of Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) appeals, hospitals continue to petition the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid to overturn claim denials, according to the latest results from the American Hospital Association's quarterly survey. Article

> A federal court invalidated an extension of the 340B program that covers so-called "orphan" drugs--a decision that could hurt some hospitals. Article

And Finally... Bear lounges in hammock. Article