DNC: Give It to Us Straight, Mr. Huntsman: Do You Support Cut, Cap and Kill Medicare?

As Huntsman Fundraises in Boston, Will He Finally Take a Stand on Radical GOP Debt Plan?

BOSTON, July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ahead of Jon Huntsman's fundraising trip to Boston later today, Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Clare Kelly released the following statement calling on Huntsman to fess up and say if he supports the GOP's "Cut, Cap & Balance" plan:

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"We all know that as a governor, Jon Huntsman supported bipartisan solutions to important issues from Cap and Trade to health reform and the Recovery Act, but as a candidate he's embraced the policies of the far right wing of the Republican Party.

"We know where Jon Huntsman stands, but why won't he just come out and say it? Jon Huntsman supports the Ryan Budget that ends Medicare as we know it and protects tax breaks for oil companies and loopholes for corporate jet owners. Jon Huntsman supports a balanced budget amendment that would restrict America's ability to meet its obligations. But why hasn't he taken a stand on the Republican Party's "Cut, Cap & Balance" plan that would duck financial responsibility, dodge America's obligations and eventually dismantle our social safety net including Social Security to Medicare?

"The most important question facing America's future is that we ensure that America continues to work for middle class families while we work to get our fiscal house in order. In Romney-esqu fashion, Huntsman is sticking his finger in the political winds, refusing to take a position and dodging the tough questions. That's not leadership, that's politics as usual and Americans deserve better."

SOURCE Democratic National Committee