Delaware health insurers to pay steep fines for violating state regulations; BCBS of North Carolina apologizes for enrollment and payment mistakes;

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> Three health insurers that provide individual coverage to people in Delaware under the Affordable Care Act have agreed to pay $483,000 in fines for past violations of state insurance regulations, the Associated Press reports. Article

> Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina fumbled open enrollment by putting 25,000 customers in the wrong plans and charging more than 3,000 customers for the incorrect amount, leading CEO Brad Wilson to apologize publicly, reports. Article

> A last-minute proposal to replace a controversial tax on health plans allowed California to avoid deep health and social service cuts in his preliminary state budget. As of late last year, state lawmakers had been unable to come up with a replacement for the tax that the state's health plans could both support and that could pass federal scrutiny, according to Kaiser Health News.  Article

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> The United States may be thinking of adopting a similar model to the ones Denmark and New Zealand use to handle medical malpractice cases. Denmark does not have malpractice, instead, has a national program that compensates patients for harm suffered due to medical errors and shares its data with hospitals and researchers. Article

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> The financial status of a hospital bears little relation to how much it is willing to pay its lower-echelon employees, and hospitals are now seen as one of the biggest job generators in the country. Article

And finally… What famous literary characters would look like if on "America's Most Wanted." Article