CPEhr Announces 2011 Health Insurance Renewal Rates 10 Percent Below Regional Average

Los Angeles Human Resources firm announces 2011 HMO group insurance premiums substantially below regional average

LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CPEhr, a leading California Professional Employer Organization (PEO), released its 2011 group insurance renewal rates with Anthem Blue Cross of California. HMO rates fall more than 10 percent below the regional average for comparable plans.

CPEhr offers top tier medical insurance plans to its PEO clients and currently provides insurance coverage to thousands of employees throughout California. CPEhr's Benefits Manager, Haig Hagopian, conducted a detailed analysis of health insurance plans offered by carriers in the Southern California region. The analysis revealed that the average premium across comparable HMO plans was 10.3 percent lower than HMOs offered by the other carriers. More than half of California employees who take insurance access their health care through an HMO.

"CPEhr applies solid health risk management techniques to keep the overall premiums down as much as possible," explains Hagopian. "This includes working with carriers to help those with chronic conditions manage their illnesses more effectively. Furthermore, Anthem Blue Cross has done an exceptional job with providing our groups with a strong network, rich plan features and lower out of pocket costs."

In addition to offering HMO plans, CPEhr provides its clients a range of PPOs and qualified high-deductible health plans (HDHP), alongside a wide range of voluntary benefits and perks including Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), dental, vision, life, disability and limited medical policies. Hagopian and the CPEhr Benefits Department review plan options with clients and generate creative solutions to mitigate increasing health insurance costs. They also administer the plans and negotiate renewals directly with the carriers to further contain the rates.

"We analyze the types of benefit features that are most helpful to our groups and make sure that our plan designs are a good fit for their employees," says Hagopian. "To obtain the right to offer Anthem, CPEhr established a sophisticated underwriting and health management infrastructure, which no other PEO has managed to do at this time. As a result, we are the only PEO that has been approved by Anthem Blue Cross."

Clients clearly see the value in CPEhr's plans and services, since enrollment has increased seven percent over the past two years, despite state-wide increases.

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