CORRECTING and REPLACING Outcomes Health Information Solutions Launches MA365™, New Care Management Tool

New comprehensive platform developed to leverage analytics-driven care management, prospective interventions and retrospective review to help enhance quality care for Medicare Advantage members

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Fifth graph of release dated June 20, 2012 should be replaced.

The corrected release reads:

Outcomes Health Information Solutions, LLC, a leading healthcare analytics and services company, today announced the launch of , a solution that actively drives quality results for Medicare Advantage plans year-round. Launched from a single data platform, MA365™ is an integrated suite of solutions that identifies and resolves disparities in care for Medicare Advantage members with the goal of getting needed care for members while also impacting a Medicare Advantage health plan’s Star quality ratings.

MA365™ was developed to help both health plans and medical practices close gaps in care by delivering a comprehensive set of solutions, including Outcomes Health’s analytics engine, which develops an accurate diagnosis profile for a targeted population and monitors what care is delivered throughout the year to these individuals. This tool identifies members at risk for possible gaps in care and establishes risk profiles which Outcomes Health uses to conduct daily event monitoring. As gaps are identified, one of several care facilitation solutions is deployed to ensure the member receives the care they need.

“The fact is that Americans are not getting the majority of recommended care they need,” says , Senior Vice President of Medicare Advantage for Outcomes Health. “Traditional stand-alone activities such as in-home assessments completed on a project-by-project basis are often done to simply collect HCC data, not to fill care gaps, and that is not enough to solve this problem. Health plans must engage a comprehensive year-round approach to monitoring care gaps, delivering that intelligence to the point of care either at the provider’s office or in the home, and following up with the member to ensure the needed tests, treatments and services were received.”

One of MA365™’s care delivery components, , helps bring clinical and technological resources together effectively at the point of care to extend the physician-patient interaction beyond the traditional office visit. An On Premise Extender, a trained professional, seamlessly integrates into existing organization workflows in the physician’s office and ensures that all indicated care is properly scheduled and provided to identified members. This On Premise Extender also verifies that members are engaged to improve self-management and that documentation and coding are accurate and complete.

MA365™ also supports HEDIScompliance efforts, where proprietary Web tools and professional staff combine to offer transparent on-demand. The MA365™ platform continuously monitors compliance for every member-eligible HEDISmeasure using HEDISreporting software. By continuously recalibrating mission critical activities as new data is entered, MA365™ highlights key areas of noncompliance and identifies opportunities for proactively getting members into care which in turn enhances Medicare Star ratings. Leveraging the various capabilities of MA365™ allows healthcare organizations to work smarter and realize more patient-specific interventions, enhanced quality and improved compliance.

Outcomes Health will showcase MA365™ along with the rest of its product line at several upcoming industry conferences including this week’s (booth #500).

provides compliance-based programs supporting quality, care and financial management initiatives. Since 1996 its mission has been to promote the improvement of health outcomes through the use of a patient-centric framework, providing clinically relevant and actionable information to entities responsible for population health initiatives. Using its exclusive service delivery platform, clinical read process, and advanced technology, Outcomes Health delivers longitudinal data comprised of biomarkers, medical procedures, and previously analyzed results to improve HEDIS and other quality scores, correct risk adjustment data, evaluate treatment protocol efficacy, and strengthen pharmacovigilance initiatives.