Consumers struggle with ACA's high-deductible plans; Pennsylvania's uninsured population drops after move to traditional Medicaid expansion;

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> The Affordable Care Act has helped most Americans get health insurance, but the high-deductible plans that have come in its wake are taking a toll on consumers, NPR reports. Article

> Pennsylvania's uninsured population has seen a steep drop after Gov. Tom Wolf moved the state to a traditional Medicaid expansion, reports. About 625,000 residents have enrolled, which cuts the percentage of uninsured almost in half. Article

> Funding to give more Flint, Michigan, residents government health insurance awaits final legislative approval, according to the Associated Press. It will make 15,000 additional women and children eligible for the expanded coverage starting next week. Article

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> Calculation errors regarding the wages paid by a tiny 19-bed hospital in Massachusetts could wind up having an outsized impact on the Medicare payments given to the other acute care providers statewide. Article

> The City of New York will pump hundreds of millions of additional dollars into its beleaguered healthcare system in an attempt to not only keep it operating, but to get it past anticipated difficult times. Article

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> The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Fitbit are partnering on a two-year study to determine how weight loss plays into breast cancer recurrence. Article

And Finally... That's one lucky tortoise. Article