Consumers not worried about big name insurers exiting exchanges; U.S. Supreme Court may consider birth control mandate;

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> Although big name insurers have been dropping out of health insurance exchanges all over the country, it might not dramatically affect consumers shopping on the online marketplaces, according to a survey from HealthPocket that found 70 percent of consumers are confident they can find good insurance options on the exchanges, regardless of whether well-known insurers are participating. Survey

> The U.S. Supreme Court may consider whether for-profit companies must offer full contraceptive coverage, including access to birth control, for their employees even if they religiously object, reported the Los Angeles Times. Lawyers with the White House have asked the high court to hear the case this fall. Article

Health Provider News:

> Medical errors leading to patient death may be as high as 400,000 deaths a year, making them the third cause of death in the country, according to a new study in the Journal of Patient Safety. Article

> More medical schools are turning to a three-year solution, offering future primary care doctors an accelerated program and major savings. Article

Health IT News:

> By infusing IT into hospitals and physician practices, medicine will become more like the superstore Walmart with care delivered by big institutions in a more standardized manner. Article

> Telehealth helped increase patients' confidence in their ability to manage their condition and less anxiety. But it also can produce too many false alerts. Article

And Finally... Don't think any restaurants will be placing the McEverything on its menu. Article