Consumer advocates want ACA enrollment deadline extended; California behind sign-up goals;

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> Consumer advocates such as Families USA urge the government to let Americans sign up for coverage after the Feb. 15 open enrollment deadline, reported Kaiser Health News. The special enrollment period would last up to 60 days for uninsured individuals who file their taxes after Sunday's deadline and discover after the fact that they must pay a penalty for not having health insurance coverage. Article

> Covered California has set a goal of enrolling 1.7 million residents by Feb. 15. However, the state is falling short of that goal and currently has 1.3 million enrollees, reported The state may extend its enrollment deadline to Feb. 20. Article

> In a New York Times Op-Ed, Hillary Clinton and Bill Frist wrote about the importance of the Children's Health Insurance Program and how millions of American children could lose their health insurance if Congress doesn't act soon to restore CHIP funding set to expire Sept. 30. Article

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> Should the U.S. Supreme Court invalidate tax subsidies to purchase insurance in more than three dozen states later this year, it would likely have a devastating impact on healthcare spending moving forward, particularly at the hospital level. Article

> A collaborative effort by Wisconsin's hospitals to improve quality led to a big payday: An estimated $87 million in savings, as reported by the Wisconsin Hospital Association. Article

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