In Conjunction with Mental Health America, Star Life Sciences Assesses the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Americans with Mental Health Conditions

In Conjunction with Mental Health America, Star Life Sciences Assesses the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Americans with Mental Health Conditions

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Star Life Sciences joins the global recognition of World Mental Health Day, an initiative of the World Federation of Mental Health, by posting an enlightening article addressing the impact of the Affordable Care Act. The article, posted on the Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor™ website and entitled “,” was adapted from presentations at a recent Mental Health America (MHA) National Issues Forum. It outlines potential positive outcomes of the Affordable Care Act for those with mental illness and substance abuse challenges, and also looks at these issues in the context of the criminal justice system as well as from a healthcare provider prospective.

“Medical Monitor™is focused on building a powerful knowledge base where providers, healthcare professionals and consumers can receive information about significant healthcare news developments… and we see physical and mental health issues as being completely intertwined,” said Tim R. Garde, Managing Partner, Star Group and Star Life Sciences. “As this article explains, the Affordable Care Act stands to eliminate many of the barriers that, for much too long, have categorized people with mental health conditions as second-class citizens. However, capitalizing on this positive development requires an understanding of what the act means, who will be effected, and how to leverage the new opportunities created. We're posting this article in conjunction with World Mental Health Day to help facilitate the process of education, awareness and advocacy for those with mental health issues.”

Some of the key issues addressed in “ACA: Improving Access to Mental Healthcare” include:

"" can be viewed online at Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor™

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An integral objective of the  ( is building a knowledge base where consumers receive information regarding their healthcare and what motivates them to be compliant with their medication regimen. Consumers of varying ages who regularly took medication for such common chronic conditions as hypertension, asthma or arthritis were asked about their views on such elements as obstacles to compliance, what role digital technology and social media play in their healthcare information gathering, and effectiveness of direct-to-consumer advertising. From its assessment of Medical Monitor™ findings, Star Life Sciences plans to produce white papers and a series of articles on the company’s blog, plus share noteworthy results via Twitter and other social media channels.

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