CONEXIS Offers Help for People Struggling to Understand Their Coverage Options

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With all of the recent changes to health insurance rules, many people are confused and don’t know where to turn for help. CONEXIS, a leading employee benefits administrator, has launched to give individuals a single source for easy-to-understand information about coverage options, including:

“We’re committed to ensuring individuals have access to quality benefits and coverage,” said Allen Gehrki, senior vice president of client experience. “As part of that commitment, we launched to eliminate confusion and provide easy-to-understand information. We even include no cost, no obligation access to licensed benefits advisors who can help individuals understand all of their coverage options.”

Losing employer-provided health insurance can cause worry and confusion because many people don’t realize how COBRA works or know they have other coverage options.

“Understanding the differences between COBRA and other coverage options, like insurance purchased through an exchange, is the key to making the right coverage decision,” stated Gehrki. “Our goal is to make sure people know all of their coverage options, so they can choose the coverage that’s best for them and their family.”

Simply Covered can also benefit people who are eligible for Medicare or will become eligible in the near future. Because Medicare rules are extensive and can be confusing, Simply Covered provides access to licensed sales agents who help callers make sense of Medicare and all of the various coverage options available.

Employers spend a lot of time fielding questions about health insurance and Medicare. Employers can save that time – and eliminate the risk associated with giving an incorrect answer – by sending individuals to for more information.

The Simply Covered website is available for use by anyone at no charge. Employers are encouraged to provide the website address to anyone seeking information about health insurance coverage options.

Since 1986, CONEXIS has been a recognized leader in employee benefits administration. With headquarters in Irving, TX, and a service center in Orange, CA, CONEXIS provides services to more than 25,000 organizations of all sizes – from local businesses to America’s largest employers – including corporations, state and local governments, third-party administrators, and business-process outsourcing companies as well as insurance carriers and health plans. CONEXIS services include account-based plans (FSA, HRA, HSA and commuter benefits), COBRA administration, direct-bill services, and a full suite of retiree services. For more information, visit .