Almost half of physician practices may be missing out on an opportunity to generate revenue by providing annual wellness visits to Medicare patients.

A two-year Senate funding bill would expand telehealth for Medicare Advantage members and give CMS more control over MU requirements moving forward.

Humana reported better-than-expected earnings in the fourth quarter and raised its 2018 outlook.

At least five states have submitted waiver applications that seek to impose lifetime Medicaid coverage limits.

Imposing work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries will only work if states can connect people to jobs that have insurance.

Centene joined its for-profit insurer peers in reporting solid fourth-quarter and full-year financial results on Tuesday.

Hospital groups will soon get their day in court in a case against HHS over cuts to the 340B program. 

Congress is steeling itself to consider another budget bill. Once again, healthcare could be caught in the crosshairs.