Cigna launches new collaborative care initiative with CaroMont; Buying coverage through exchanges could reduce Medicaid churning;

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> Cigna launched a new collaborative care initiative with North Carolina-based CaroMont Medical Group that will enhance provider coordination and help improve patient experience, reported the Charlotte Business Journal. Article

> By providing beneficiaries with money to buy private insurance through health insurance exchanges, Medicaid could decrease "churning" in and out of the program by about 66 percent, MedPage Today reported. Article

Health Provider News:

> Social work intervention can help hospitals lower readmissions by more than half, according to a two-year study of 100 patients at high risk of readmission. The social workers assess patients' home environments, check on medication adherence and ensure patients follow up with their primary care physicians. Article

> The rate of deaths related to prescription painkillers is growing faster among women than men since 1999. Article

Health IT News:

> Legislation proposed in Missouri that would require telemedicine is covered by insurance will help insurance companies more than patients, says Wendell Potter, who previously served as head of communications for both Cigna and Humana. Article

> A survey shows 90 percent of patients would accept the offer of a mobile app, while only 66 percent would accept prescription medicine from their doctor. Article

And Finally... These blue-blooded creatures are poised to take over the ocean. Article