CareHere Expands Educational Outreach for Providers with Innovative Initiative Developed by AHRQ and TTM

Program marks latest in educational initiatives adopted by leading provider of on-site medical clinics

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CareHere, LLC., one of the nation’s largest on-site health clinics, continues its commitment to bringing providers the latest clinical data and information by becoming one of the first and largest healthcare organizations in the nation to participate in an innovative academic detailing initiative. The concept of academic detailing incorporates the principles of sales detailing used by traditional pharmaceutical marketers – one-on-one meetings with healthcare providers – but instead focuses on peer-to-peer outreach using the latest unbiased peer reviewed literature.

The initiative to disseminate Patient Centered Outcome Research or Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) was developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Total Therapeutic Management (TTM), a healthcare quality improvement company, spearheads the national initiative under a contract for AHRQ and is also conducting the outreach to CareHere physicians.

CareHere is a national organization operating 120 on-site health and wellness medical clinics for employers, municipalities and state governments. The organization opted to become an early adopter of the national program because of its commitment to ensuring better health and positive outcomes for its clients and their patients.

Participation in the AHRQ and TTM CER program marks the latest in an ongoing initiative from CareHere to continually educate its providers. Since 2009, CareHere, which helps to develop and implement on-site health and wellness clinics for large employers, municipalities, school districts and other organizations, has embarked on a number of other medical educational campaigns with TTM that have reached more than 225 of the group’s providers nationwide. Programs offered in the past include education regarding Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Gout, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome and Obesity.

“We believe that for our providers to offer the best quality care to patients, they must have the latest clinically based information,” said Ernie Clevenger, president of CareHere. “This latest outreach will give our providers non-biased clinical information that will help them to make the best possible care decisions.”

CareHere became one of the first and largest groups to engage in the AHRQ CER Academic Detailing program earlier this year. The three-year program will focus on six topics in total, with each topic detailed for six months. There are 28 finalized CER reports currently available on AHRQ’s Effective Health Care web site covering prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease and depression.

With the Academic Detailing initiative, TTM clinicians are conducting individual educational presentations that break down the medical interventions that may result in the best outcomes for patients. Providers can obtain Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for the presentations as well as additional credits through online AHRQ CER programs.

“I spoke with several of my colleagues and we have all found the educational sessions to be beneficial with good information, organized and presented well,” said Anthony Dallas, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of CareHere. “Our providers are spending almost twice the time we initially thought with the educators and are really appreciative of the chance to learn from fellow clinicians with no commercial bias.”

TTM is uniquely qualified to provide such detailing as the company has worked with hundreds of health plans and more than 50,000 physician provider groups on research and educational outreach programs over the past 16 years. TTM was selected by AHRQ to carry out the program which calls for 9,000 academic detail sessions to be conducted with 1,300 clinician practice sites and 200 health system leaders over the next three years.

Launched in February, providers at more than 500 healthcare facilities nationwide have been educated through the Academic Detailing program to date.

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