California bill would extend health coverage to illegal citizens; Virginia lawmakers don't want to expand Medicaid;

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> A California bill would extend health insurance coverage for all state residents, including those not impacted under the healthcare reform law, regardless of whether they're illegal citizens, reported the Sacramento Business Journal. Article

> Virginia lawmakers don't want to expand Medicaid; instead, they proposed to help about 400,000 state residents buy health plans through a new online marketplace using the private option, The Washington Post reported. Article

> Some Texas cities have found a loophole in a rule requiring navigators to obtain additional training--change their title from navigators to certified application counselors, according to the Associated Press. Article

Health Provider News:

> Healthcare providers could significantly reduce costs if they eschew five low-value, often unnecessary emergency medicine procedures, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Article

> Although video cameras in hospitals can monitor at-risk patients and ensure doctors take proper safety and sanitary measures, they also may compromise patient privacy. Article

Health IT News:

> If providers' increased use of cloud technology can dovetail with a decreasing cost of IT implementation, the country could see big changes in the healthcare IT market in the next few years. Article

> A new study shows that a health information exchange could help prevent $1.3 million in duplicate CT scan costs. Article

And Finally... If you want to drink on the job, become a teacher. Article