Calif. launches new TV outreach campaign; 13.4% of Americans uninsured in 2013;

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> California announced plans to dish out $14.6 million to community groups for consumer outreach, and also unveiled a new television-ad campaign, reports the Los Angeles Times. The state previously funded $33.4 million to clinics, schools and unions, to help with outreach efforts. Article

>  Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) argued Monday to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that the Office of Personnel Management violated a portion of the Affordable Care Act by allowing certain lawmakers the ability to receive subsidized health coverage. Appeal

> The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that for 2013, the percentage of people with health insurance was 86.6, while 13.4 percent lacked coverage for the entire year. Announcement

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> One of the ongoing issues with magnetic resonance imaging is that it's often a problematic exam to conduct on pediatric patients. Article

> The freestanding outpatient imaging market--marked by continuing cuts to the Medicare Physician Fee Service Technical components, narrow-provider networks, preauthorization demands and sophisticated IT requirements--remains a market susceptible to consolidation, according to Radiology Business Journal's annual report on the "20 Largest Freestanding Outpatient Imaging-center Chains." Article

And finally…  Garfield was wrong about Mondays. Article