BlueCross online wellness community set to 'InSpire' members to better health; ACA helps bring child uninsured rate down to new record low;

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> BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee now offers a new challenge-based online community, InSpire, to encourage and motivate people to improve their overall well-being. The new community will encourage members to share their latest health efforts in order to encourage them to hit milestones on their wellness journeys, according to the Chattanoogan. Article

> A new report out of Georgetown University shows that the ACA has helped bring the rate of uninsured children down from 9.3 percent in 2008 to 6 percent in 2014. One key finding was that states that extended Medicaid coverage to adults saw the rate of uninsured children nearly cut in half compared to states that didn't extend Medicaid. Article

> The House has passed a budget deal that averts 52 percent rise in Medicare Part B premiums for 30 percent of beneficiaries. This budget would extend the government's borrowing limit only a week before Treasury is at risk of not being able to pay its bills, according to the Wall Street Journal. Article

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> Lab test startup company, Theranos, has not properly validated its technology, according to heavily redacted reports it posted online. The FDA determined that Theranos were using "uncleared medical devices" for interstate commerce. Article

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> Hospitals are now facing new problems when it comes to discharging patients long after their medical needs are met. Earlier this year, George Washington University Hospital admitted five patients who were stuck in "healthcare limbo," where they could not make their own healthcare decisions nor could they get in touch with loved ones or advocates, and these patients could be taking up space for others who needed care. Article

And finally… Giving out Halloween candy? You'll be shocked at how much history is behind Mary Janes. Article