Biocodex USA Acquires Totect®, Antidote for Unintended Tissue Damage from Chemotherapy

<0> Totect is the Only FDA-Approved Treatment for Anthracycline Extravasation </0>

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Biocodex USA announced today its acquisition of the oncology supportive care product, Totect from Apricus Biosciences. Totect (dexrazoxane HCl) is the only FDA-approved treatment for anthracycline extravasation, a rare but debilitating event which has the potential to cause severe tissue damage and lasting injury. Biocodex USA purchased the asset outright from Apricus, terms non-disclosed.

“Making a powerful impact within the underserved and emerging discipline of oncology supportive care, aligns with our fundamental patient-focused values,” said Marc Rohman, U.S. executive vice president and general manager of Biocodex North America. “Treating cancer humanely is not solely about saving lives, it’s also about preserving dignity and the quality of everyday life for patients. We are particularly excited about Totect, an acquisition which serves as our entry point to defining ourselves as a supportive care provider.”

Biocodex USA strives to form additional strategic alliances to advance the vision of building a patient-centric oncology supportive care portfolio. Biocodex is seeking in-licensing, acquisition or co-development opportunities with like-minded organizations as they commercialize critical products to fulfill the unmet needs of cancer patients.

“At Biocodex, we have not only proven our commitment to patients, but also our ability to thrive and remain profitable in an uncertain economy. In the last four years, our excellence in sales and marketing has allowed us to achieve the luxury of uninterrupted year-over-year growth,” said Rohman.

Totectis the only treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for anthracycline extravasation. Anthracyclines are cytotoxic agents among the most common cancer therapies. Chemotherapy extravasation is an infusion-site error causing the unintended perfusion of surrounding tissue by the cytotoxic agent. This can cause tissue necrosis (tissue death). Severity of tissue injury due to chemotherapy extravasation may disrupt the course of chemotherapy treatment and necessitate painful, disfiguring surgery. In addition to tissue damage, an anthracycline extravasation may cause irreversible damage to the nerves, tendons, muscle and joints.

The frequency and severity of the side effects of cancer treatments vary for every patient and may include: nausea and vomiting, pain, hair loss, constipation, fatigue, weight loss, and skin disorders. Several innovative products have been introduced to prevent and manage the adverse events of cancer and its treatments, enabling patients to tolerate and subsequently benefit from uninterrupted therapy, while easing the emotional burden for their caregivers. Oncology supportive care remains an emerging discipline underserved in healthcare today.

Biocodex is an independent, family-owned pharmaceutical company founded in Paris, France, in 1953. The company’s initial focus was gastroenterology, and specifically, a promising probiotic discovery, (marketed under the brand name Florastor in the United States). Biocodex has partnered with healthcare professionals for 60 years, taking on the mission of developing meaningful solutions to today’s challenging healthcare problems. Biocodex has grown into a multinational research and development, manufacturing and commercial enterprise. The company currently operates in over 100 countries with subsidiaries in Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, the United States, and will be opening the Canadian subsidiary in July, 2013. Today, Biocodex specializes internationally in the therapeutic areas of gastroenterology, neuropsychiatry and pain treatment.

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