Bill would prevent Medicare Advantage plans from dropping docs mid-year; Radiology ranks high as a recipient of Medicare dollars;

> A new Democratic bill would prevent Medicare Advantage plans from dropping providers in the middle of the year, when members can't select new coverage, The Hill's Healthwatch reported. Article

> Although Florida opted out of expanding Medicaid, enrollment in the program grew 8 percent as people trying to sign up for healthcare reform coverage found out they qualified for Medicaid, according to the Associated Press. Article

> Low-income people still struggle to pay health insurance premiums and other costs, despite the sweeping Affordable Care Act reforms, the Los Angeles Times reported. Article

Medical Imaging News

> Radiology ranked fifth among medical specialties that received the most in Medicare payments in 2012, according to Bloomberg. Article

> The high cost of building and equipping a proton beam therapy facility--and whether the benefits in terms of patient outcomes is worth those costs--means the future of proton therapy remains uncertain. Article

And Finally... Apple Support to the rescue. Article