A practice will pay to settle allegations that it improperly performed and billed for medically unnecessary procedures.

In a new poll, most physicians said patients have less trust in their doctors than they did 10 years ago. Linda Girgis, M.D., thinks she knows why.

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s bribery case ended in a mistrial yesterday after a jury deadlocked on charges against him and a Florida eye doctor.

In 2017, the improper payment rate for fee-for-service Medicare dropped to 9.5%—the first time since 2013 that figure has been below 10%.

Doctors are increasingly facing charges—even for murder—when their patients overdose on opioid painkillers they prescribed.

Two states received millions of dollars’ worth of unallowable bonus payments that are meant to offset the cost of enrolling children in Medicaid.

A group of pharmacies, health plans and PBMs has offered suggestions for the Trump administration on how to combat the opioid epidemic.

In the face of the country’s opioid epidemic, drug testing has become big business.