Anthem Blue Cross of Connecticut fails to reach agreement with hospitals; 30,000 in New Mexico will lose healthcare coverage;

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> Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield failed to reach an agreement with five Connecticut hospitals by Tuesday at midnight, reports the Hartford Courant. This means members will face higher, out-of-network costs--some may go elsewhere for hospital services. Article

> Nearly 30,000 residents in New Mexico are about to lose their healthcare coverage, reports Insurance News Net, because plans that do not meet ACA standards. Article

> What's standing in the way of Vermont establishing single-payer healthcare coverage? Technology, according to Vermont Public Radio. Article

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> Americans are angry about rising healthcare costs, according to Consumer ReportsTwelve percent of nearly 1,100 American adults surveyed said they spent more than $5,000 of their own money on medical bills in the past year, and 11 percent said they had trouble paying their medical bills. Article

> Are publicly-traded healthcare firms less likely to take on debt when their CEOs receive compensation through stock options? Article

And finally …  It's about time someone got arrested for this. And I don't mean the driving fast part. Article