Affordable Hearing Aids Now Available to Millions of UnitedHealthcare Health Plan Customers

Affordable Hearing Aids Now Available to Millions of UnitedHealthcare Health Plan Customers

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High-tech, custom-programmed hearing aids are now available at affordable prices to the more than 26 million people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored and individual health benefit plans.

Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, but the new discount program enables UnitedHealthcare plan participants to purchase hearing aids starting at only $479 each.The discount program is an expansion of an affordable hearing aid benefit that UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage and Part D plan members already enjoy, with some of those members paying no out-of-pocket costs for the devices. Retail consumers can pay $749 to $949 per device, which also represents a deep discount compared to most competitor prices.

The hearing aids are being provided through a collaboration with , an Optum business and UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company. Plan participants and consumers interested in purchasing an affordable hearing aid should ask a health care provider, including primary care physicians, audiologists or hearing professionals, for a hearing test. The test results (an audiogram) can then be submitted online at . Many consumers can have the device sent directly to their residence.

Hearing loss affects one in five Americans ages 12 and older. While 90 percent of people with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids, fewer than 20 percent currently use them, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Often, the high cost of most hearing aids is a barrier for consumers to use them.

“Cost is a significant barrier for millions of Americans suffering from hearing loss, and this new discount will help make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for more people nationwide,” said Sam Ho, M.D., chief medical officer of UnitedHealthcare. “Hearing health plays a critical role in people’s overall health and well-being. Untreated hearing loss can affect a person’s ability to stay connected to friends and family, contributing to social isolation, depression and lower income.”

’ hearing aids use advanced technology to enhance speech understanding and listening comfort. Each hearing aid is custom-programmed to a user’s specific hearing needs based on his or her hearing test results. Every hearing test result and hearing aid order is reviewed by a licensed hearing professional to determine suitability.

hearing professionals are available in many cities around the country, offering hearing health seminars in local communities and offering education and aural rehabilitation services in person, over the phone or online. Customers may attend new-user seminars on topics such as effective communication strategies, and access online captioned training videos about how to use, clean and maintain hearing aids.

“Consumers and employers are looking for options that make hearing aids more affordable and accessible, so this collaboration with UnitedHealthcare will help address millions of Americans’ hearing needs,” said Lisa Tseng, M.D., CEO of .

Consumers can access hearing testing through a hearing professional or other health care providers. encourages customers to seek care from hearing health professionals such as audiologists and ear nose and throat doctors in their communities.

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