Aetna wants to expand into Massachusetts; Oregon officials overpaid docs $17.5M;

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> Aetna is looking to expand its business into Massachusetts, where it holds about 4 percent of the health insurance market, reports the Boston Business Journal. Article

> Oregon officials lacked sufficient oversight and control over its Medicaid managed care program in 2010, which may have led to the state overpaying $17.5 million to doctors, hospitals and other providers, an audit of the program found, according to the Seattle Times. Article

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> There are now about 21 million American adults with diabetes as of 2010, which could impact hospitals' newly prioritized battle for population health. Article

> Good employers and leaders will create and foster more engaged employees, who help make organizations more productive and successful. Article

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> CEOs are giving CIOs some more credit where credit is due, according to a new survey that found CIOs are thought of as the title most responsible for driving digital innovation and change at companies. Article

> Privacy has the potential to crash big data before there's a chance to get it right, and finding the right balance is key to future success, experts say. Article

And FInally... Is your pet smoking? Article