Aetna to increase presence in Medicaid market; Insurers keep covering Avastin;

> Aetna's chief financial officer Joseph Zubretsky says the company plans to increase its presence in the Medicaid market as it expands to cover more people. Aetna also is making a bigger play for health information technology to help doctors make better medical treatment decisions and let customers access data, according to MarketWatch. Article

> Despite a decision from the FDA that the drug Avastin doesn't treat breast cancer, WellPoint, UnitedHealth Group, Aetna and Humana say they'll keep covering Avastin based on a recommendation by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. Article

> A recent Supreme Court ruling, which rejected a challenge to a federal law on body armor for felons, suggests a reluctance to rein in Congress' powers under the Constitution's commerce clause. The majority's decision, rendered without comment, could make it more difficult for those challenging health insurance reform to win court orders overturning parts of the new law, the Los Angeles Times reports. Article

And finally… Shot in the head? Just sneeze out the bullet. Article