Aetna names Kosman Chief Nursing Officer; 25 percent of doctor's office visits result in at least five drugs prescribed;

> Aetna has named Susan M. Kosman as its first Chief Nursing Officer. Kosman, RN, BSN, MS, will provide support to the more than 3,000 nurses who help Aetna members understand their clinical condition, access appropriate care and best use the benefits available to them to manage their overall health. Press release

> Hospitalization rates from the CDC showed a sharp increase for coronary artery stent insertions, hip replacements, and knee replacements, while also revealing that 25 percent of physician office and outpatient department visits resulted in at least five drugs prescribed. Statistics

And Finally... Need to figure out how long it will take to get something done? Don't ask the people in powerful positions to give you an ETA. Article

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