Aetna launches new online program to manage metabolic syndrome; Wellmark paid its CEO advances to avoid higher taxes;

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> Aetna has launched a new online program that will help its members manage metabolic syndrome, which affects one in four adults, by offering evidence-based online assistance, including weight loss and stress reduction, reported the Hartford Courant. Article

> Wellmark paid its executives, including CEO John Forsyth, advances in their pay last year as a work-around to paying higher taxes, reported the Des Moines Register. Forsyth received more than $2 million in December for short-term and long-term incentive pay on top of his roughly $2.6 million salary, bonuses and other compensation. Article

Health Provider News:

> CaroMont Health's board of directors has removed Randy Kelley from his post as CEO, citing a "communication breakdown" that hurt relationships among the community, elected officials and CaroMont employees. Article

> Existing physician-assisted suicide or death with dignity programs in the United States appear to be well accepted by patients and clinicians, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Article

> Patients are more satisfied when they visit their doctor than when they receive hospital-based care. Article

Health IT News:

> Seventy percent of physicians say their patients are embracing self-tracking. Article

> Researchers are hoping to develop new tools that will help reduce patient safety risks associated with electronic health records. Article

And Finally… Just one sip and you'll be feeling giddy. Article