ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc.SM is Improving Outcomes in Cancer Care with eviti® – ITA Partners’ Decision-Support

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- To improve outcomes and manage costs for members with cancer, ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc.SM (ADVANTAGE) has contracted with ITA Partners (ITA) to implement eviti – ITA’s proprietary oncology decision-support platform – across their provider network. ITA is an independent, third-party expert with nearly a decade of experience supporting oncology treatment decisions and patient care.

“Our mission is to provide managed care solutions to improve outcomes, keep costs low and improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve,” said Dr. Anthony Akosa, VP medical affairs at ADVANTAGE. “eviti is on target with that mission and will ensure that our providers have access to all available evidence-based treatment options that meet current criteria, ultimately providing the best cost-effective cancer care for our members.”

ADVANTAGE began its operations in 2000 and today is one of the fastest growing health plans in Indiana.

eviti is a sophisticated, intelligent solution that delivers on the promise of managed care. We’re confident it will help ADVANTAGE achieve their goals in the delivery of quality oncology care for their members,” said Eduardo Beruff, chief executive officer and president of ITA Partners.

eviti is the first independent, fully-integrated solution that simultaneously addresses the quality and cost concerns of cancer patients, oncologists and insurance companies, in any treatment setting. Patients benefit from appropriate treatment for their cancer; while physicians are empowered with systematic access to the latest, most comprehensive, evidence-based treatment standards, as well as the benefit of streamlined reimbursement. Payers are assured that members are receiving cost-effective care within the scope of their plan benefits.

eviti was launched nationally in October 2010 to provide payer organizations and providers enhanced access to the best cancer treatment decision support available and to advance their performance in the delivery of quality care.

About eviti

eviti is an innovative, breakthrough technology that, in real time, aligns physician and payer priorities at the point of care to ensure the most appropriate, evidence-based oncology treatment is administered from the start. ITA’s independent, non-proprietary digital oncology treatment library is one of the most comprehensive and current of its kind. It comprises nearly 1,000 of the most appropriate, proven treatment options covering all modalities for more than 120 cancer types meticulously compiled from the world’s leading sources. eviti’s treatment knowledge base and patent-pending decision-support engine help oncologists select a treatment option that is both evidence-based and compliant with each patient’s insurance plan language at the moment of prescribing. This transparent approach streamlines workflow and reimbursement, reduces variability in clinical care, and results in cost efficiencies to benefit all participants in the cancer treatment process and allow the best cancer care to be available everywhere. eviti can be used as a web-based application or as an integrated component within electronic health records software. For more information, visit

About ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc.

ADVANTAGE Health Solutions, Inc.SM, a local provider-sponsored health plan, offers health care benefits and solutions to Indiana employer groups of all sizes. ADVANTAGE has always taken a different approach in providing health plan benefits through their large and diverse network of providers. They focus on helping their members stay healthy and, when necessary, understand and deal with the challenges of chronic health conditions. It’s not just about low cost, high quality health care access… it is about avoiding those unnecessary services and utilization that do not add value to the health care dollar. For more information, visit

About ITA Partners

ITA Partners is an independent company with nearly a decade of experience in transforming the quality of oncology care by aligning the interests of patients, physicians and payers to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. ITA is committed to ensuring that the best, most appropriate treatment for cancer is prescribed and followed from the start. The company utilizes the expertise of top oncologists and oncology nurses, as well as insurance experts and actuaries, all supported by proprietary technology, to fulfill its mission of providing evidence-based, unbiased support to all parties in the cancer care process. ITA has worked with more than 4,500 oncologists, in every setting (community, academic, hospital and private practice). ITA contracts with health plans and other payers, and is not affiliated with any health system, insurance company, pharmaceutical company or provider network. For more information, visit


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